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Crystal Aire is an independently owned HVAC business that is located in Alvarado, TX. Owned and managed by Teresa Debrine, we have been providing residential and commercial HVAC services since 2015. We're a licensed business (license # TACLA71570R) that's accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

With a team of licensed, highly trained technicians who have over 30 years of combined experience in the HVAC industry, we're adept at handling all kinds of HVAC installation and replacement jobs.
Teresa Penner

About Teresa Penner

Teresa Penner is the owner of Crystal Aire. Her career in the HVAC business started in 2004 when she started her own sub-contracting company doing installations.

Teresa initially worked in the office, but one day she went out into the field and loved it after which she has continued to work full time installing HVAC equipment for over 4 years.

At Crystal Aire, Dillon Cripps was one of the contractors Teresa worked with. Dillon offered her a position in his company, and she accepted it. Teresa then started working in the sales area and then moved to the position of a service manager.

Teresa worked side by side with Dillon for 3 years after which she was given the position of the general manager. She has been serving in that position for the last 2 years.

Ownership of Crystal Aire

In April 2015, Dillon and Crystal Cripps had a strong calling from God to teach and minister. With this life-changing call, Teresa was given the opportunity to become the new owner of Crystal Aire. She was much honored to assume ownership and to carry on the vision that they had for this family-oriented company.
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Teresa's Personal Life

Teresa is a devoted wife to the love of her life, Jarrett Debrine. She is the mother of 4 amazing kids. Her daughter, Brianna, is attending Texas A&M; sons, Scott and Dawson, are in the high school; and her youngest child, Michael, is entering the junior high school.

Teresa's goal has always been to put God first in her life in the hope that she will always treat her family, coworkers, and customers with the utmost respect and care.

At Crystal Aire, Teresa has the privilege to work with some of the best people in the HVAC industry, and together they make a dynamic team.
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